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Medical Imaging and Sensing

Faculty: Colonius, Emami, Faraon, Gao, Gharib, Gradinaru, Hajimiri, Scherer, Shapiro, Wang, Yang
Medical photonics and sensors, advanced imaging technologies, micro flow-field imaging, computational image analysis, lensless microscopy-on-a-chip, diagnostic and therapeutic ultrasound, and shock waves, single-molecule detection and diagnostics, magnetic spectroscopy, terahertz imaging, Raman spectroscopy, photoacoustic tomography, thermoacoustic tomography, compressed ultrafast photography, holographic microscopy, non-invasive label-free biomedical imaging and magnetic resonance imaging, wearable biosensors.

Medical Nanoelectronics

Faculty: Emami, Gao, Hajimiri
Integrated nanoelectronics and circuits for medical applications, extremely low power medical electronics and sensors, high bandwidth wireless communication devices, self-healing circuits and systems, on-chip tera-hertz sources, and systems-on-a-chip.

Micro/Nano Medical Technologies and Devices

Faculty: Burdick, Emami, Faraon, Gao, Gharib, Greer, Hajimiri, Ismagilov, Scherer, Shapiro, Tai, Wang, Yang
Biochips, bio-MEMS/NEMS, micro-/nano-fabrication, holographic microscopy, and photoacoustic microscopy for medical applications.

Molecular and Cellular Imaging and Theranostics

Faculty: Shapiro, Wang
Contrast agents, reporter genes, biosensors, cell-based diagnostics, theranostics.

Nano and Micro Fluidics

Faculty: Gao, Gharib, Ismagilov, Tai,
Micro-/nano-fluidics, drug delivery, and physiological machines.


Faculty: Burdick, Emami, Tai
Neural prosthetics and direct brain-machine interfaces, human prosthetics for paralysis, pure-thought-based control of external electromechanical devices, computer-decoding algorithms for direct brain interface, and robotic fingers.

Quantum Imaging and Physics

Faculty: Wang
Quantum entanglement, quantum (sub-shot noise and super-resolution) imaging, and atomic physics.

Wireless Medical Technologies

Faculty: Emami, Hajimiri, Gharib, Scherer, Shapiro, Tai
Wireless communications through skins and tissues for medical electronic implants, electrograms, wireless power transfer, and biotic/abiotic interfaces.