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MedE Graduate Program

Graduate Degree in Medical Engineering

Aims and Scope of Graduate Study in Medical Engineering

The Andrew and Peggy Cherng Department of Medical Engineering offers a program of study that leads to the Ph.D. The medical engineering option at Caltech is designed for students with an engineering background who are interested in applications of micro-/nanoscale science and technology in medicine, which forms the core of Caltech's multidisciplinary medical engineering. The program's goal is to close the gap between engineering and medicine. Our medical engineering research and education leverage Caltech's strengths in engineering, applied science, and other fundamental fields, to apply emerging technological advances to medicine, and to create innovative diagnostic, monitoring, and therapeutic systems. Our major areas of research include micro/nano medical technologies and devices, medical nanoelectronics, biomedical materials and biomechanics, fluidics and bioinspired design, and medical imaging and sensing. The Degree of Doctor of Philosophy offers two tracks: MedE only and Medical and Electrical Engineering (Med-EE). The Med-EE track is offered jointly by both departments of Medical Engineering and Electrical Engineering (see EE Section), available to any students to graduate after Fall 2022; the single degree to be shown on the diploma is "Ph.D. in Medical and Electrical Engineering".