Medical Engineering HMRI/DEI/JPL Collaborative Workshop - From the Lab to the Surgery Room

Date: May 12, 2016, 8:00–4:00 pm
Location: Keck Center, Caltech

This workshop serves as a vehicle to exchange information and expertise. We aim to explore future collaborative opportunities between Caltech, Huntington Memorial Research Institutes, Doheny Eye Institute and Jet Propulsion Laboratory.

RSVP only: We are now at maximum capacity. If you'd like to be added to the waiting list please contact

Agenda (pdf)


Marie Csete, HMRI/Caltech: “Major Unmet Needs and Opportunities for Pasadena Medical Research”

Alfredo Sadun, DEI: “Mitochondria and why their dysfunction blinds”

Vas Sadda / Jewel Hu, DEI: “Imaging and Image Analysis in Retinal Disease”

Harish Manohara, JPL: “Overview: Medical programs at JPL”

Chris Webster, JPL: “Overview: Micro Devices Lab (MDL) Activities”

Bob Kloner, HMRI: “Novel Approaches to Cardiac Assist Devices”

Jim Sonner, HMRI: “The Case for Continuous Oxygen and pH Monitors in ICUs and ORs”

Kevin King, HMRI/USC: “Interrogating the Brain and Brain Vasculature with MRI”

Howard Kaufman, HMRI/HMH: “Multimodal Endoscopic Biopsy of Colon Lesions”

Robert Grubbs, Caltech: “New Materials for Medical Applications.”

Mikhail Shapiro, Caltech: “Molecular engineering for non-invasive imaging and control of cellular diagnostics and therapeutics”

Yu-Chong Tai, Caltech: “Micro Medical Devices”

Julia Greer, Caltech: “Nano-architected materials for biomedical applications”

Changhuei Yang, Caltech: “Computational imaging for microscopy and retinal photography.”

Alex Huang, DEI: “Structure and Function of Aqueous Humor Outflow”

Ram Kannan, DEI: “Novel roles for alpha crystallin in retinal function and disease”

Deming Sun, DEI: “Pathogenesis of Ocular Inflammation”

James Tan, DEI: “Contractility of aqueous humor drainage”

Mike Harrington, HMRI: “Engineering approaches for common conditions like migraine, depression or anxiety”

Andrea Loewendorf, HMRI: “Immune Basis of Pre-Eclampsia”