Medical Imaging and Therapeutic Decision-Making in the Age of AI

Date: July 28, 2022, 2:00–3:00 PM PT
Location Hybrid: Annenberg 105 / Join Zoom Event
Speaker: Professor Lei Xing, Jacob Haimson & Sarah S. Donaldson Professor, Radiation Oncology - Radiation Physics, Stanford University

Artificial intelligence driven by deep learning have attracted much attention in the several years and is being increasing adopted in healthcare for various applications. The enormous success of deep learning stems from its unique capabilities of extracting essential features from big data and then making inferences. The purpose of this talk is to summarize recent advances in interpretable AI, identify the pitfalls of current data-driven approaches, and provide my perspectives on the future applications of AI in biomedical physics and medicine.

Lei Xing

Radiation Oncology - Radiation Physics, Stanford University

Lei Xing Lei Xing is the Jacob Haimson & Sarah S. Donaldson Professor of Medical Physics at Stanford University and Director of the Medical Physics Division in the Radiation Oncology Department. Dr. Xing's research has been focused on artificial intelligence in medicine, medical imaging, treatment planning, image guided interventions, nanomedicine, and applications of molecular imaging in radiation oncology. Dr. Xing is an author on more than 400 peer reviewed publications, a co-inventor on many issued and pending patents, and a co- investigator or principal investigator on numerous NIH, NSF, DOD, RSNA, ACS and many corporate grants.