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Name Title Option Advisor
Elliott, Luizetta Vadimovna Stimuli Responsive Micro-Architected Materials MedE Greer
Shahrestani, Shane Eddy Current Damping Stroke Sensor MedE Tai
Wu, Di Biomolecular Tools for Noninvasive Imaging and Manipulation of Engineered Cells MedE Shapiro
Bedrossian, Manuel M. A Novel Digital Holographic Microscope (DHM) to Investigate and Characterize Microbial Motility in Extreme Aquatic Environments MedE Gharib
Huang, Jinglin Alice Investigations of Different Methods to Promote Drug Mixing in the Eye MedE Gharib
Lin, Li Photoacoustic Tomography: From Bench to Bedside MedE Wang
Mittelstein, David Reza Modifying Ultrasound Waveform Parameters to Control, Influence, or Disrupt Cells MedE Gharib, Shapiro
Narasimhan, Vinayak Bioinspired Nanostructures for Biomedical Applications MedE Choo, Gharib
Vyatskikh, Andrey Additive Manufacturing of 3D Nano-Architected Metals and Ceramics MedE Greer
Cook, Colin Andrew Phototherapeutic Devices for the Treatment of Diabetic Retinopathy MedE Tai
Maggi, Alessandro Three-Dimensional Nano-Architected Materials as Platforms for Designing Effective Bone Implants MedE Greer