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We invite you to get involved in the Andrew and Peggy Cherng Department of Medical Engineering at Caltech. It’s very easy to do: attend our seminars, sit in on our classes, or talk to our core faculty members about your passions and interests.

Medical engineering is all about helping people, aiming to improve the health of individuals and the community by “translating” research findings into diagnostic tools, medicine and procedures. Society experiences medical engineering every day. There is even a very good chance that during routine visits to your physician’s office, you have experienced medical engineering at work. Many physicians routinely use micro and nanoscale medical devices and technologies that have resulted from Caltech’s research in translational medicine.

One of our main goals in the Cherng Department of Medical Engineering is to build a better society for current and future generations through education and research in translational medicine. Our students and postdoctoral researchers receive Caltech’s unique top-notch education and training, preparing them to serve as technological leaders around the world as they utilize their skills to develop critically needed medical devices and systems. Our research results will enable the medical community to provide more accurate and effective disease diagnoses, improve treatments and management, and produce cures.

Additionally, through the engineering and manufacturing of translational medical instruments and technologies, we will not only improve disease diagnosis and treatment, but also create new economic engines to help financially power our society in the coming years. Our goal is ambitious but very realistic, and we have already started.

If you are passionate about getting involved in shaping the future of the Cherng Department of Medical Engineering--and ultimately the future of our society--please contact Dr. Lihong Wang of Medical Engineering. It is through generous support of graduate fellowships, named professorships, equipment procurement, and lab innovations, that we will be able to strengthen and expand our existing leadership in translational medicine research and education.

Dr. Lihong Wang
Bren Professor of Medical Engineering and Electrical Engineering; Andrew and Peggy Cherng Medical Engineering Leadership Chair; Executive Officer for Medical Engineering
Phone (626) 395-1970