History, Ethics, and Identity in STEM Seminar

Monday February 28, 2022 1:00 PM

The Making of a Global GALCIT: H. S. Tsien and Other Chinese American Scientists at Caltech

Speaker: Dr. Zuoyue Wang, Department of History, California State Polytechnic University, Pomona
Location: Online Event

Talk Abstract:

GALCIT was a transnational scientific and educational institution from the very beginning, when Theodore von Kármán from Germany became its founding director in 1930 and with many of its early faculty and students being immigrants from other countries. This talk will explore the experiences of pioneer Chinese American scientists and engineers associated with GALCIT, primarily focusing on Hsue-shen Tsien, the Goddard Professor of Jet Propulsion in 1949-1955 and later a founder of the Chinese aerospace program. It will also tell the stories of others who came from mainland China and Taiwan, including Y. C. L. Susan Wu who was the first woman to receive a PhD from GALCIT in 1963. Among the forces shaping these scientists' lives were both the opportunities to advance aerospace frontiers and geopolitical tensions ranging from World War II to the Cold War.

Zoom Link: https://caltech.zoom.us/j/81463569346

About the Series:

This series brings speakers to Caltech to give seminars on their work in history, ethics, and identity in STEM. Seminars are open to the entire Caltech community, with optional student lunch discussion groups following each lecture.

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